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New dynamics observed in semiconductors!

Our group, in collaboration with researchers from Argonne National Lab and Northwestern University, have revealed a new dynamic that affects how doped semiconductors conduct charge:  We used excited state X-ray absorption spectroscopy to demonstrate that the bonds of semiconductor dopants are altered when charge flows through them. Although this dynamic is detrimental to conduction, we proposed methods to minimize charge carrier modulation of the dopant bonding that will give rise to smarter, more energy efficient advanced nanomaterials for electronic devices.

Two new publications and a federal funding milestone!

Our most senior graduate students just published two papers. One is in Chemistry of Materials on alternative methods for semiconductor arsenide synthesis. The other in Analytical Chemistry showcases the best images of ratiometric quantum dot sensing to date. Our group has now published its 50th paper, when when divided by the amount of federal funding we have received makes us the most efficient research group in the country! In fact, our paper-to-funding ratio is so high that it can’t be calculated, even by the most advanced supercomputers at our national labs! Due to a very odd quirk of mathematics, if we ever do receive federal funds it might cause our efficiency to drop, but we still expect to publish plenty of papers nonetheless.

Several new publications and a new group member!

Yu-Ying (Jimmy) Lu joins our group to study doped quantum dots! We have a new review article that was published in ChemPhysChem recently, including a collaborative paper with the Darnault group at Clemson University on the ecology and quantum dots. Check out: ChemPhysChem, 2015, asap (Link) and J. Nanomater., 2016, 8237029 (Link)

Our group reports non-toxic quantum dot imaging agents

We have just published a manuscript in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B on the use of AgInS2/ZnS quantum dots for imaging the vasculature of tumors in collaboration with the Kron Group at the University of Chicago.

Our bright typeII quantum dot paper is published

Our group has published a paper on bright type-II ZnSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots in Chemistry of Materials.